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  • Nature offers the raw materials and healing powers to replenish and nourish your cells!
  • Learn how to restore your metabolism and hormonal balance.

metabolic balance® is for your enjoyment and well-being...

  • metabolic balance® embraces a natural diet.
    Learn healthy and nutritious ways to improve your metabolism and weight naturally. Discover how to tap into your natural 'fat-burning' processes!

The All-Natural way to ...

solve your weight problems ... permanently

  • balance your hormones and metabolism
  • optimize your health and increase energy
  • enjoy a new rewarding and vitalized lifestyle
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GET Nutrition Consulting Inc.

GET Nutrition Consulting Inc. was founded in 2011 in New Brunswick, Canada.

GET Nutrition Consulting Inc. is the Canadian license holder for metabolic balance®.

"metabolic balance®" is a nutrition program developed by Dr. Wolf Funfack, MD for Internal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine and Nutritionist Silivia Bürkle. The program is based on their extensive experience in the fields of nutrition counselling, nutrition and medicine.

Founded in 2002 in Isen, Germany, metabolic balance® has created more than 800.000 individualized metabolic balance® nutritional plans and over 3500 doctors, naturopaths, and nutritionists have been certified as metabolic balance® coaches worldwide.


GET Nutrition Consulting Inc. offers a 3 day metabolic balance® coach certification course.

Certification is open to Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Naturopathic Doctors and Medical Doctors ensuring that the coaches are dedicated to the underlying values of metabolic balance®.

 Online certification seminar:

It is possible to obtain an online certification before the next seminar so that you have the opportunity to introduce metabolic balance® into your practice and start coaching your clients.

 Since 2011, GET Nutrition Consulting Inc. has trained more than 50 qualified practitioners in Canada to provide clients with individual or group coaching focusing on the metabolic balance® nutritional program.

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