Dr. med. Wolf Funfack - Founder of metabolic balance®

Dr. med. Wolf Eckhart Funfack (1946 -2013) - MD for Internal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine

Personal Information:

Born November 18th, 1946 in Erlangen / Germany

Married with Birgit Funfack, 4 adult children


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10/67 – 3/69 Bundeswehr military duty

Medical school:

1969-70Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen, Germany

1971-74 Freie University Berlin, Germany

State exam:

1974 Berlin, Germany

Dissertation: 1975 Children´s hospital of Freie University Berlin

Prof. Bruno Weber

Obesity in babies and infants

Internship and residency:

1974-83Hospital Moabit Berlin

Prof. Otto Bayer, Prof. K.P. Schüren

Dept. of Internal Medicine, cardiology

Specialist´s diploma:

2/1982 Medical doctor for internal medicine

11/2002Medical doctor for nutritional medicine

Doctor´s office:

1983-2008Family doctor, internal medicine in Isen, Germany.

Medical doctor for nutritional medicine since 2001


Since 1983 application of various metabolic - and nutrition programs on patients with poor thru average success. Due to rising own weight problems development of metabolic balance® in 2001.


Additional education


Big interest ever since in holistic medical methods like NLP acupuncture, kinesiology, systemic work, with respective education , exams and active teaching.


1994NLP-Master Practitioner

(DVNLP German society for neuro-linguistic programing)

1996 Teacher for kinesiology (psychokinesiology after Dr. Klinghardt)

1999 B-diploma for acupuncture (EuropeanAcademy for Acupuncture e.V.)

2000 Education systemic family therapy after Bert Hellinger

2001 A-diploma (EuropeanAcademy for Acupuncture e.V.)


metabolic balance®

Development 2001 together with Mrs. Silvia Bürkle Dipl.Ing. (Master of Science) for nutritional technics.

Participants are being coached by more than 3.000 MDs, health practitioners, nutritional counselors and pharmacists, after they were following a3 days personal education taught by Dr. Funfack which is being followed by an exam prior to receiving a certificate as metabolic balance® coach.

Meanwhile, the method has reached more than 35 countries and is still in strong continuous growth.

Evaluation Study on metabolic balance® by Dr. Cornelia Meffert, Dr. Nikolaus Gerdes,

Hochrhein-Institut for rehabilitational investigations, Bad Säckingen, Germany

Dept. for quality management & social medicine, university hospital Freiburg, Germany

(Director: Prof. Dr. med. Wilfried H. Jäckel)

Program Adherence and Effectiveness of a Commercial Nutrition, Program:

The Metabolic Balance Study

Hindawi Publishing Corporation Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism Volume 2010, Article ID 197656,

Mrs. Margret Jamin - Founder of GET Nutrition Consulting Inc.

Margret Jamin

Personal Information:

Born in 1952 in Immenstadt/Allgäu,Germany.


Master of Business Administration (FH)

Business studies at the University of Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany

More than 10 years of marketing for German tour operators

Three-year naturopathic education at the Center for Natural Medicine in Munich. 

Focus: Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition

2006 Education for med. Approved nutritionist 

2006 certified metabolic balance supervisor 

2006 SHZ Certificate of Classical Homeopathy

2010 Obtained Country Licensee for metabolic balance® Canada,

Ms. Vera Jamin - Sales and Advertising Manager

Vera Jamin

Personal Information:

Born on February 28th, 1984 in Munich, Germany


Bachelor of Arts (Sportsmanagement), 2006 - 2010, German Diploma Business Administration (MBA), 2011

Other education: Holistic Nutritionist, 2005, metabolic balance nutrition coach,2006,

Group trainer fitness 2008, fitness instructor 2009

Employment Record:

From 2007 till now:

Employer: GET GmbH

Position held & Description:

CEO, Staff member, Marketing, Sales  Management and stuff Training,Curricula Development, Development of new ideas and projects

From 2005 till now:

EMPLOYER: metabolic balance GmbH & Co KG

Position held & Description:

Sales and Advertising Manager, Nutritional consultations (metabolic balance),customer - coach care and service,organizing and running introduction seminars about metabolic balance

From 2010 till now:

Employer: GET Nutrition Consulting Inc.

Prof. Dr. Jamin, Klaus Werner, CEO and financial Director

Personal Information:

Prof. Dr. JAMIN, Klaus Werner

Born 15 October 1940

Profession: Professor and Independent Consultant

Membership in Professional Societies:

  • Öko-Institut, Freiburg 
  • IQM Integrated Quality Management registered association, Munich (Manager)
  • Wirtschaftsbeirat der Union, Bayern (Consultant of Bavarian Government)

Detailed Tasks Assigned:

  • technical coordination, management training

Key Qualifications:

  • In the last five years I have worked for several companies to install Quality Management. I have consulted more than 75 companies in various fields especially in Strategic Planning and Quality Management.  15 companies I have certified with my own company, one in Kasachstan, 8 inVenezuela (Oil and Training companies)
    • The team IQM Integrated Quality Management, registered association;  has  consulted more than 500 companies in Management of different company departments.
    • trainer for strategic Management at BMW Car Producer and German Banks,
    • strategic Planning for clients at Deutsche Bank, development tests and new test-methods,
    • establishment of co-operation with Universities in Europe and USA, 
    • Development of new training methods via web,
    • Development of Multimedia Training CDs, 




Universities of Munich and Göttingen


University of Vilnius, Lithuania

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

Studies in economics, management and electronic data processing, Pedagogic (Diploma in Training, Business Administration)

PhD-thesis on "Strategic Management of Companies"