Paula's Story

I've had my shares of struggles with losing weight and keeping it off. I used to be very slim in High School but life happens and a combination of stress, lack of exercise and emotional eating got to me. All of a sudden I was wearing clothes sizes in the double digits. I knew that my overall quality of life was poor. I had no energy. I was always tired. I was not sleeping well. My clothes were getting bigger and bigger. I had spent thousands of dollars in diet programs with no success. I would tell myself that I was ready to try another plan again, but would quickly give in to temptation.

I was very happy for my friend and coach Melissa Pancini when she told me she was going to get certified as a coach with metabolic balance. She was transmitting so much enthusiasm that it was hard not to join her in the feeling.

Everything she was explaining to me made a lot of sense. The idea of eating the foods that were most optimum for my metabolism intrigued me. I did my research and decided that I had two choices: stay the way I was with the occasional success or get a new result by doing something I had not done before. I opted for the latter.

I've been with the program for 16 days now, and I've seen changes that I have not seen in a very long time. Not just in my body but in my mind set as well. I discovered how committed and disciplined I am towards reaching my goals, which no longer are to simply lose weight but rather to measure my success in the quality of my sleep, in my disposition during the day and a healthy glow in my face without any makeup.

I am eating so well in the program I cannot say I am on a diet!!! I feel satisfied with my portions and look forward to making meals for myself making sure I am being creative and not repeating the same foods all the time.

I discovered how well my body adjusted to eating the right portion and that I could trust my body signals again. Like clock work, after 5 hours I would eat because I was hungry! I had forgotten to listen to that signal. I'd gotten used to eating out of stress or emotional overload.

After 16 days, I can say that I am definitely sleeping better and my energy has increased. My before and after picture give me strength to continue being committed and disciplined. I enjoy drinking the water and weighting my food. I feel this gives me control of the situation and it is empowering. I look forward to the next 16 days, and the next and the next.

I am ready for the "me" I've been waiting for and I am in charge.

metabolic balance is awesome.

Coach: Melissa Pancini

Bonnie’s metabolic balance experience

The metabolic balance program has changed my life in so many ways!

I have been overweight for most of my adult life and obese for more years than I want to count. My health markers were creeping upwards and I didn’t have the energy that I wanted.

I was approaching a milestone birthday, 60, and I was determined to start this decade looking and feeling a whole lot better. I had tried other programs before, Weight Watchers, shakes etc. and had lost some weight - slowly and with a lot of work.

This was different. The metabolic balance plan was so easy to follow. Shopping and meal preparation were a breeze- simple and fast. I have never not cheated on a plan before, that little voice whispering in my ear, “try it, one ‘fill in the blank’ won’t matter”. But it did because one led to another and another. Not this time. No cravings and no cheating.

I lost 25 pounds in the first 8 weeks of my metabolic balance plan and I am now down 50! I have gone from a size 20 to size 14. My blood markers have improved substantially: cholesterol (down 13%) from 6.62 to 5.73; triglycerides (cut in half) from 2.52 to 1.27; urea (kidney) (cut in half) from 8.2 to 4.1 and alanine transaminase (liver) (cut in half) from 73 to 34!!!

I look and feel great! Every one who sees me cannot believe the difference. I enjoy clothes shopping now. I am wearing regular sizes – no more plus sizes! When I see my reflection, I see a “normal” person not a “fat” person. I used to be incredibly self-conscious and agonized over what to wear when I went out because I always felt fat. Now, I love getting ready and love going out. I love being me!

Bonnie White

Adam's Story

Adam Turner is a 36 year old male from Toronto, Ontario. When his trainer met him in August of 2011, he weighed in at 471lbs. At this time he was drinking 2 liters of pop every single day, and eating a diet rich in carbohydrates and sugars. His trainer, Noreen Kassam, spotted him on a treadmill at the gym one day, and decided at that moment she was going to change his life - but she didn't know how.

After approaching him, she found out that Adam was unemployed and living on a disability pay check. To her surprise, his roommate and dear friend had come forward with a cheque to pay for 100 sessions of personal training. His friend had just been given her grandmothers' inheritance money and wanted to make a difference in Adam's life.

Noreen is certified through metabolic balance®. After taking the metabolic balance® course, she implemented the 8 rules into his diet, and continued to train him three times per week - which has lead to incredible results. Adam went from being 471lbs (49% body fat) in August 2011, to 274lbs (30% body fat) in February 2013.

His success has been so inspirational, and he continues to send food logs through email to his trainer each day. In March 2013, he finally got his blood work done, and his values were nothing short of impressive. He obtained his first official metabolic balance® plan, and in 2 weeks has already dropped another 21lbs!

We will continue to watch Adam get to his goal weight of 200lbs, and watch his fitness develop as he is now able to do push ups, sprints, farmers walks, bear crawls, dead lifts and squats at ease! He feels great, shows off his results to everyone who will listen, and has a large facebook and twitter following of people - including weight loss celebrities such as Chris Powell.